Audience Survey – Six Characters in Search of an Author

“Perfect, dynamic, socially engaged, the actors were perfect, a total spectacle.”

Vladimir Veličković, painter


“Although I could not understand the language, because I come from India, the performance was very clear. It was difficult to watch things which frustrate us. The situations that the characters go through were impressive. Brilliant!”

Pernau, producer


“Full of surprises. I know this play because I played it in Hungary, ten years ago, but it was a completely different concept. This is more radical, especially at the very end when all the characters get killed. The relationship of life and death are interesting as metaphors for our lives. The motif of a Singer sewing machine is interesting because it made audience expect something would happen with it, but it doesn’t, and it’s good for suspense. Generally speaking, the entire performance is full of suspense.”

Zoltán Balázs, actor


“Frljić is great like always. Controversial, brave, and amazing. I am glad they received such a strong applause in Belgrade.”

Beka Vučov, manager


“I think the performance was very good, powerful, emotional. It is political but that political level is not as important as the emotional one. This social discourse is consistent throughout the performance. And I think it is adapted for Belgrade audience, that was something that bothered me. But I think it was excellent, magnificent, the actors were amazing!”

Jelena Pavlović, art historian


“I think it was exquisite. Short, cute, intensive. He touched upon all the universal problems in Croatia, that we share too.”

Tanja Beganović


“It was interesting. The performance we saw yesterday was more suitable for Bitef, closer to this Bitef topic. And this one, well, I’m not sure yet, I’m still trying to organize my thoughts.”

Ivana Ibraimov, architect