In the spirit of democratization and decentralization of culture, on which we place special significance on 52nd Bitef, Bitef Polyphony moved to Kragujevac for one day with performance Two hundred directed by Jovica Pavić.

Participants of the educational program for young managers and producers in the culture Vivisection of Bitef organism enjoyed their lunch at restaurant Od usta do usta.

In the Festival Center, screening and presentation of the series Teatrologike was held as part of the accompanying program.

After the show PA'AM, another Festival After Ten Party was organized at the Bitef Theater Club. Music for this occasion was played by Matija Ilic, and our guests could enjoy with Ćao Šećer, Domaće kiflice, Doncafe, Kuglica - Kuglica, Tuborg, Somersby, Schweppes, Kadarka Tonković, Slatkoteka!

Photo (lunch and a part of the atmosphere from After Ten in Bitef theater): Marija Iva Gocić

Photo (atmosphere in Bitef theater): Marina Ilić

Photo (Bitef Polyphony): Lidija Antonović