This site was selected according to the title of 52Bitef18 "World Without Us"

Thematically speaking, the slogan “World Without Us” (in Serbian, the slogan reads “World Without People”) creates a myriad of associations, but we predominantly aim at three: world without good, honest people; world of (imminent) apocalypse; and the phenomenon of death. Those three associations are firmly linked, because the world without true people - a world of bad people - leads, sooner or later, to global cataclysm. It leaves nothing behind, only death, i.e. a world without people, without us.

With this journey to the very "beginning of the world", and the beginning of civilization, visiting the archaeological site Lepenski Vir, we opened the possibility for finding new spirituality at the very source of its creation.

Photo: Nenad Todorovic