All the performances of the 52nd Bitef unite the slogan World Without Us. Delicatessen Monday which Bitef team prepeared for you contained performance in accordance with this slogan. The team of this year's festival presented The last supper performance.

52Bitef18 Delicatessen Monday: The Last Supper was realized in partnership with our friends Carnex and Kuglica  - Kuglica (Balls - Balls).

During the evening, guests were enjoing Carnex delicacies, which is also symbolic of the concept of The last supper since carné in translation means the meat, but also the body of Christ.

A special spice for dinner (in addition to those in the food) was music from the performance Requiem for L.  which will close #52Bitef18.

Location: KC Grad

Photo: Marina Ilić