“I liked the performance a lot, I liked the rhythm and the actors’ energy. It has reminded me of old Bitef! And they have deserved this applause, it was sincere, it did not come from a nostalgy or political courage. This is a theatre act, onomatopoeia is the most important language, it’s just that we don’t understand that, and nakedness is the only true costume.”

Božo Koprivica, playwright and dramaturge


Amazing performance! Beautiful concept, an unbelievable power of directing, acting and theater magic! Everything is told in an unusual language, there is almost no text. I’m truly impressed! I came to Bitef to see performances and this one is magic. They are top-notch, educated, deeply emotional actors! And that mud which symbolizes a horrible filth in lives filled with religion. Told in a simple language anyone can understand. Well done!”

Ksenija Prohaska, actress


“Very exciting! Consistent and precise. In the context of Bitef, this is an overview of the dramaturgy of the titles, and it is interesting to watch if from the entire Bitef context. I can say I like the dramaturgy of the festival and the selection.”

Aleksandra Janković, actress


“Wonderful, very exciting, all the participants deserve a panegyric. I am not sure if I would dare to be a part of a such a project but from the audience I surely did enjoy.”

Jelena Đokić, actress


“I may have expected to much, but I think it’s one of those performances after which the effects need time to settle in. Visually interesting, very exciting at times.”

Željko Maksimović, actor


“I liked it a lot, I am surprised, this is the first time I saw Estonian theatre, and I truly enjoyed.”

Alisa Stojanović, theatre director and professor


“I need some time to process the performance since it is very powerful. I admire the participants, because the entire performance was very physical. It reminds me of Eugen Ionesco and his theatre of absurd, I felt that atmosphere. This was really unforgettable.”

Simona Mirela Mikulesku


“It was dramatic, emotionally exciting, and very grim, apocalyptic. We saw a grim future of the world. A cruel world where people are enemies. A world stripped of civilization norms and where everyone has gone wild. In that wild state, they have enforced their own religion which has made them even wilder. I am impressed by the choreography. Everyone will talk about the mud but, in my opinion, it does not have any special meaning, it just makes the actors’ movements more dramatic. It augments each movement, because a movement on a common stage leaves no trace, while in the mud it has additional visual and sound effects. This is an imaginative, exciting and unforgettable performance.”

Nenad M. Kostić, audience


“Very ritual, interesting, and somehow animal. Each of us has reached a different conclusion. I never read what a performance is about before seeing it, so now I will gladly read the booklet and see if my associations are the same as the director’s. If one prepares to see something, then one sees only what he has prepared for. I was mostly impressed by the apocalyptic moment, while at times it was also moving. Maybe it was a bit too long, and I think there are two ends”.

Snježana Abramović Milković, director of Zagreb Youth Theatre


“The performance was very interesting and exciting. It is very interesting that the director is playing with the elements of dance theatre, while at the same time it is very clearly set in the context, in terms of the criticism of neoliberal capital and the world in which people are closed and forced to cleanse from everything that is somehow socially unexpectable. Or, those might also be some social roles imposed by someone…”

Đorđe Živadinović Grgur, actor