“I cannot express my opinion of this performance because I have had my attitude to Živadinov for centuries now, so I see this performance as a part of everything he has ever done. And that what he has done has always been extreme in comparison to any kind of theatre, and his theatre has always been unique, and his theatre always had a much longer duration than an hour and a half of a performance, any performance he has ever done, and none of the performances he has ever done has ever been just any performance, so this one isn’t that either. If I were you, I would think if there is a reason to make, at some point in the future which we will probably not live to see, a performance about us, which would deal with this what this performance is about.”

Svetozar Cvetković, actor


“I am familiar with Živadinov’s work. He didn’t make any performance for a long time, and this is completely true to him. Visually perfect, excellent actors - all of them! I liked the performance, of course!”

Dunja Blažević, art historian



“I used to watch Živadinov’s performances back then, there are many elements I can recognize, but this context… A powerful, strong performance!”

Aleksandar Molosavljević, theatre critic


“I am still trying to organize my impressions. Živadinov is a very important person in my life because he infected me with theatre back when I was sixteen. For a while, I followed his work and then he somehow just disappeared and has now returned after a long pause. I am really trying to organize my thoughts, not only about the performance but about everything.”

Aleksandra Janković, actress


“In these times of populism, when totalitarian regimes are again on the rise, the importance of the performances like this one is to remind us of how easily a society turns into a society of single-minded people who, actually, have no mind at all.”

Milena Andrić, professor


“After a performance like this one, only emotions remain. An absolutely fantastic performance! I cannot imagine we could see anything better on this Bitef.”

Ljubiša Ristić, director


Surevey conducted by Đorđe Nešović