When talking about BITEF within the context of the modern world theatre, one usually has in mind its programme and artistic significance as well as the selection which encompassed almost all the authors of relevance for the history of theatre in the 20th and early 21st century. During all those years, BITEF made room for new artistic tendencies and promoted the evolution in festival management and theatre production.

The novelties in artistic expression are inextricably linked with innovative practices in theatre organisation. For that reason, we can rightfully say that the history of BITEF is also the history of modern festival management.

The current model of BITEF organisation is a blend of inherited values and modern management tendencies, serious strategic analysis and spontaneously arisen practices, management in culture, crisis management and agile project management. In that sense, it is a potent case study both in the local and in the international context.

In the course of 52nd BITEF, the festival team with outside experts and young colleagues across the world will perform a „managerial vivisection“ of BITEF in order to explore and acquire new practical experience. A five-day educational programme should promote the exchange of knowledge, ideas and experiences of experts and more experienced festival managers and their younger colleagues. The programme is based on different educational formats such as work with mentors, internship, lectures, workshops and presentations so as to open space for the promotion of the existing and acquisition of new know-how as well as further professional evolution and career advancement.


Programme editor: Jelena Knežević


  • Milena Dragićević Šešić, PhD, professor at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, head of the UNESCO Department for Cultural Policy and Management at the University of Arts in Belgrade;
  • Ivan Medenica, PhD, professor at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, BITEF artistic director
  • Srđan Šaper, a leading marketing communications expert, the founder of the advertising agency "McCann Group" 
  • Svetlana Strunić, Master of European Integration Law, a lawyer



  • Bitef (Jelena Knežević, Filip Vujošević), Ibero American Theatre Festival Bogotá (Catalina Amador)



  • Aleksandra Delić, Milorad Jovanović, Jelena Stojanović, Anđelka Janković, Tamara Pović, Sanja Ljumović, Milja Vuković, Dragana Doroslovac