На слици: Маја Јосифовић

На слици: Маја Јосифовић


Your restaurant is defined by a homely atmosphere which lacks the typical restaurant looks. Why did you opt for that, i.e. a restaurant which doesn’t look like one?

The idea of such an informal place emerged long time ago, probably due to the artistic background and the desire to make a workplace look like home. Like an atelier. A place you share with your friends, with your family, and what is most wonderful - with your future friends. That’s what’s brilliant about this job - not everyone is just a customer. And once the conditions for the three of us to open such a place got finally fulfilled - we didn’t want to give up the concept.


The restaurant is led by three of you. What brought you, Bojana and Jelena together?


We knew each other before Tri, and the idea of one place we would open together has always been there, so now we are one family.


You graduated in Stage Design from the Faculty of Applied Arts, and there are quite a few of your works in the restaurant. What made you turn to hospitality?


There was a period in my life when cooking saved me, and cooking and art could - and in my opinion, they do - belong to the same body.


The restaurant interior consists of some very interesting details - plaques, greeting cards, figurines, paintings, furniture… what is their story?

The furniture, I started collecting it long time ago, before the initial restaurant Tri was opened. I used to find it on various websites, adds, in dumpsters, and I would fix it on my terrace and store it in my apartment. Before we opened the restaurant, my place looked like a storage. As for the details, they come from everywhere: Kalenić open market, internet adds, and from our own homes, of course.


Which cuisine is dominant in your restaurant?

I try to make each dish truly unique but if I had to decide on the cuisine, that would be French and Italian, with a great contribution of grandmas’ kitchens.


How would you describe the people who come here?

Very different people, of different age, maybe with an accent on artists.


Your restaurant has already built its own history. The location has changed but the crew and the spirit haven’t. What do you think are the dominant attributes of a successful business?

Jelena, Bojana and the entire personnel - at the bar and in the kitchen. The people who work here.


During the festival, you host our guests, associates, festival friends, team members. Let’s give them a sneak peak into what to expect when they come to 51 Kosovska Street. If you were to recommend, what would be your favourite song, food, and drink for a perfect afternoon in your restaurant?

The food is always seasonal and fresh and for this occasion I will make a surprise menu, like I always do