Socially responsible business at the service of art

Each September, Belgrade turns into the international capital of theatre, culture and art, which is why cooperation between art institutions and the entire business community is crucial for the overall social progress.


Today, when we witness the improvement of many business aspects and, simultaneously, of socially responsible practice, a great number of successful companies direct their visions towards helping the areas concerned with standard humanitarian contribution and the improvement of the environment. How much space is, actually, given to culture and to the contribution to similar, important fields which influence the development of the state and the society as a whole? What is particularly important is the support to traditional festivals and events which define our identity and character.


BITEF festival is synonymous with traditional cultural event in Serbia. Initiated as a corner stone of the new art forms, a harbinger of avantgarde, it is persistent and determined to maintain its cult status.


Each year, BITEF makes significant steps forward, in terms of organization and marketing. Still, all these changes have caused the support necessary for the realization of such a complex event of expected quality to exceed the support it has until now received from the state. The necessary additional support has been given by the leading companies in Serbia, to which Carnex also belongs.


The lack of understanding by large companies for art, and their distance from those centers and culture is a trend which should be overcome. By the support given to Bitef, the company Carnex wants to exemplify how to efficiently change this. Long-lasting investment in quality and the tradition has now resulted in the combined effort by the two institutions to inspire the feeling of responsibility in all the others for the progress of the community in which we live.


Both companies belong to the same generation and, although completely different, they have influenced the image of Serbia, each in its domain. Their avantgarde ideas and the approach to business have earned them their current market and social positions, and the highest respect by their adherents. That is how Carnex recognized the quality of the festival which does not tolerate mediocracy and decided this year to support it as an institution of the national importance. And since Belgrade is the capital of culture, the events of importance for the city have to be on the highest level. This year, Carnex marks its 60th anniversary, and Bitef its 52nd, which is why tradition and quality were crucial elements which led to combining their force.


“We recognize the festival’s regional importance, and we wish to belong to those efforts which are put in the development of the cultural heritage. We think that lending support to international festivals and events that form our identity and character is particularly important. Moreover, we believe that cooperation between cultural institutions and business community is vital for the prosperity, since mutual support is an important basis for the progress of the community in general”, they say in Carnex.


This year, BITEF audience can expect a special and delicious addition to enjoyment in art and theatre, which will come in the form of a wide selection of high-quality products which will complete the atmosphere of the festival. Moreover, wishing to pay special attention to the young, Carnex has joined the initiative to bring children and young people from various music schools from Serbia to the final BITEF night, free of charge, of course, where Carnex will donate sandwiches. About 100 pupils from music schools from Novi Sad, Belgrade, Kragujevac, Niš, and Ćuprija will have an opportunity to see the final night of the festival, and to visit Philharmonic orchestra. This way, young people from Serbia will be given a new experience of seeing original BITEF performances, a gift of lasting memory.


“We see investing in and support to culture, cultural institutions, and events, as an important form of socially responsible business, because it represents an immeasurable contribution to raising awareness and acquiring positive habits. We think that it is necessary to generously support the festivals and events which support education, inform and facilitate the development of creative spirit. Moreover, Carnex wishes to serve as an example to as many companies and organizations as possible, to share the feeling of responsibility for the spiritual growth of the community in which we live”, think in the company whose products have been adored by many generations.