Radmila Vojvodić

RADMILA VOJVODIĆ is a theatre director, playwright, and a professor of Directing at FDU, the University of Montenegro. She is the author of the plays Princess Xenia of Montenegro (1993), Montenegrins (1998), Montenegro Blues (2005), and Everyman Đilas (2013). Her performances have participated at numerous festivals - Moscow Theatre Festival (Russia), Sterijino Pozorje (Serbia), Poletni festival (Slovenia), Mittelfest (Italy), MOT (Macedonia), Budva Theatre City (Montenegro), Theatre Festival Elbasan (Albania), “Sarajevo Winter” and International Festival MESS (Bosnia and Hercegovina), National Festival of Small Theatre Forms in Vratsa (Bulgaria), EXPONTO (Ljubljana), International Festival Kotor Art. She has staged classical dramatic texts and contemporary plays alike, her own dramaturgical adaptations and plays, and has worked in many relevant theatres throughout the former Yugoslav space. She has received professional and social awards and recognitions: the award for the contribution to art and culture of Montenegro - the 13th July Award (1997); the Grand Prix of Montenegrin National Theatre (2000, 2008, and 2010); Award for drama by Budva Theatre City (2010); award for the original directing (2013) at the National Theatre of Small Theatre Forms (Bulgaria). She is the founder, the editor and a member of the editorial board of the journal for theatre and culture Gest (1999-2014). She is the patron for the contemporary drama - Patron section of the Biennale Wiesbaden (2009-2013).