Bojana Mladenović

BOJANA MLADENOVIĆ is artistic director of SNDO - School for New Dance Development, chorography Bachelor at the Amsterdam University of the Arts.

She graduated from DasArts (now DAS Theater), postgraduate program in contemporary performing arts in Amsterdam. After studies, her works were produced at the Frascati Theater in Amsterdam and featured at the Something Raw Festival, Beursschouwburg in Brussels and Xing in Bologna. From 2010-2014, Bojana was the artistic director of Het Veem Theater, highlighting the work of a new generation of artists in the field of choreography, performance and experimental performing arts. Bojana was born in Belgrade, where she lived and worked as choreographer and performer, and where she was one of the founders of Station - Service for Contemporary Dance, Nomad Dance Academy and Druga Scena. Bojana is a two-time laureate of the Festival of Choreographic Miniatures in Belgrade and her choreographies were performed in the National Theater, KPGT, Bitef Theater and the Little Theater Duško Radović. She cherishes her background as a member of Belgrade’s independent dance and performing arts scene in the nineties and beginning of two-thousands and finds it remarkably alarming and irresponsible that this scene, 20 years later, is not structurally supported by the local governmental bodies responsible to distribute resources for arts and culture.