An Untimely Book is a collection of critical texts by young authors who participated in the mentor programme for young dance critics and theoreticians called Critical Practice (Made in Yugoslavia) in 2016/2017. The texts are the fruit of the research participants engaged in during the programme within the framework of their professional activity, artistic or theoretical work and on the basis of incentives from their cultural milieus. In view of the idea behind the programme: to encourage writing about modern dance and performing arts from different positions, this book offers texts written from the point of view of the theory of art, dance reviews, cultural policy or artistic research, but all around the central subject: crisis. The introductory text explains the notion of crisis within the context of the Critical Practice programme itself and the manner in which this subject was arrived at through joint effort, exchange and analysis of a specific space of the Balkans where the programme mostly took place. There are also reviews of dance and theatre projects (e.g. Budućnost pročitana u betonu (The Future Read in Concrete) by Bojan Đorđev, Kompleks Ristić (Ristić Complex) by Oliver Frljić or works of the choreographer Kat Valastur as well as  considerations about the working conditions  in dance  (dialogue between Nina Gojić and Nassie Fourtouni) and results of  meetings addressing cultural policies for dance (Dance vs. Circumstances in Berlin and Nomad Dance Advocates in Belgrade); the book features also an interview with dancers (Biljana Tanurovski Kjulavkovski from Skopje) and texts of an artist relying on text and producing text in her choreography (Ellen Söderhult).

Critical Practice (Made in Yu) is a mentor programme for young European people writing about contemporary dance. It was initiated by Station service for contemporary dance in Belgrade, Lokomotiva in Skopje and the Nomad Dance Academy network in cooperation with mentor and theoretician Ana Vujanovioć in 2014. More about the programme can be found at